I am here to guide and help you align to your higher self.

Soul Coach

Our souls are on a remarkable journey. Throughout this spiritual journey there are times where we may feel stuck, limited, and out of balance. With discovery and reflection, we realize that in order to elevate and transcend we must shed old stories. My God-given gift is to connect with individuals on a soul level. I am here to guide and help you align to your higher self.

As a Soul Coach I am currently offering two coaching packages, Healing and Empowerment. Coaching Packages are a minimum of three months, and each month includes:

  • Four coaching calls (one hour each). Twelve calls total
  • Three meditations. Nine Mediations total
  • Two rituals
  • Unlimited text and email support


Healing begins with acceptance. This is a delicate process that involves authenticity and vulnerability but leads to joy, quality of life, healthy relationships and boundaries, and ultimately, liberation. This Offering is my High Touch Program, which means you will have maximum access to me, including weekly communication (text and email), affirmations, and quotes and information that will support you on your Healing journey.

Through our work together you will explore and experience the following:

  • Soul Discovery Ritual once a month
  • Weekly Guided Meditations
  • Three sessions on Spirit Guides
    • Introduction to Spirit Guides
    • Identifying your Spirit Guides
    • How to use your Spirit Guides effectively
  • Energy Healing
  • A powerful “Release!” Fire Ritual


Empowerment gives you that confidence to declare and claim your divine rights. Allowing for spiritual guidance and honoring our true selves, we invite endless possibilities. Once we shed old stories, we begin to truly step into our power. Through our work together we will explore the following:

  • Soul Discovery Ritual
  • Manifestation tools
  • Clearing the blocks
  • Confidence Builder
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Connecting to your body
  • Showing up with Ownership and Influence

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