Could I have waited?

Could I have waited for you?

For a thousand years 

I just needed to know what I was waiting for 

And that you were waiting too 

I would have waited 

I would have held you 

I would have nurtured, tended to, planted, cared for

Loved in between all the messes 

I would have brought my own mop 

And swept all your entanglements 

I would have showered you with unconditional love 

Knowing that yours could have been conditioned 

And always in your favor 

I would have found and gently caressed the deepest of your wounds

I would have given my breath for you to give life to the new you 

I would have listened to your truth as it stabs through my heart 

Like a sharp knife dives so easily through butter 

I would have poured and poured my love onto you to show you 

that nothing could change my heart 

I would have gladly lost my Self 

In sake of your well-being 

But not for your ego 

not for your Manliness 

Not for your elevation and status 

I would have stayed 

I would have waited like a child awaits the return of their parent

Filled with a love so pure that wraps your entire being in what feels like GOD 

But had I waited 

I wouldn’t have anything left 

There would be no me 

The ashes of my remainder would 

Serve your as a reminder that 

My love for you is True 

I would have gladly waited 

had you just said the word