Could I have waited?

Could I have waited for you?

For a thousand years 

I just needed to know what I was waiting for 

And that you were waiting too 

I would have waited 

I would have held you 

I would have nurtured, tended to, planted, cared for

Loved in between all the messes 

I would have brought my own mop 

And swept all your entanglements 

I would have showered you with unconditional love 

Knowing that yours could have been conditioned 

And always in your favor 

I would have found and gently caressed the deepest of your wounds

I would have given my breath for you to give life to the new you 

I would have listened to your truth as it stabs through my heart 

Like a sharp knife dives so easily through butter 

I would have poured and poured my love onto you to show you 

that nothing could change my heart 

I would have gladly lost my Self 

In sake of your well-being 

But not for your ego 

not for your Manliness 

Not for your elevation and status 

I would have stayed 

I would have waited like a child awaits the return of their parent

Filled with a love so pure that wraps your entire being in what feels like GOD 

But had I waited 

I wouldn’t have anything left 

There would be no me 

The ashes of my remainder would 

Serve your as a reminder that 

My love for you is True 

I would have gladly waited 

had you just said the word 

Quitting Before You Start

Ooo those words hurt when I first heard them cut through my ego.

I have started writing my first blog at least 19 times in the past year. But I never finish the text, I never publish it, I never post it, I never do anything other than talk about all the things I want to be doing.

I see how much that is showing up in all other areas of my life. What can we truly say we put in our heart and soul into?


I have to start today. right now, this moment. I have to just do it. As uncomfortable it is to imagine my words living somewhere other than my mind. My ideas, my dreams, my desires, my longings. All those are so close I can taste them, but I’ve been tasting them for sometime now. Now it’s time to eat the damn cake.

But to eat the cake, you gotta make and bake the cake. that takes time, dedication, discipline, all them other words that sound like too much work so we quit before we start.

This is where I am at right now. The world is our oyster, but is on us to work with the Universe and CO-CREATE the life and dreams we desire. Co-Creation as in you got to put in work too.

I’m excited for the journey, thanks for reading my words.

with Love & Dedication