Single Motherhood.

Single Motherhood

Single. Mother. Hood. 

Single while mothering in the the hood 

Mothering self and another at the same time

There are so many layers. 

There are so many stories, and roles, and programs 

We can select and inherit from the label of “single mother” 

There are many common realities about the struggle, the internal and external battles that we as mothers face raising children (mostly) “alone” 

I have support. I have a group. I have a family 

I still feel alone.

I still feel this weight to heavy to bear 

I battle with my mental health 

I fall victim to myself and go down the hole 

I try and raise myself back up 

I sometimes fail 

I sometimes like to stay 

for comfort 

In the story, that makes everything around me 

the reason for my feelings/state/well-being 

I fall victim to the story of the suffering 

I can’t see my way beyond It 

I cope with sleep, sex, and food 

I cope with weed and sleep and sex and more food 

I cope with trips and shopping 

I cope with instant gratification

I cope with lingering into other realities 

via social media or through dreams 

I cope with having real internal moments with self 

I cope with writing my truth and being brave and sharing it 

I cope with acknowledging all the bullshit 

I cope with being gentle with myself 

I cope with therapy and sometimes yoga and breathing and resting 

I cope with massages and taking time for self

I celebrate myself

I put on make up for me

I dance in front of the mirror

I look at me straight in my eye 

I remind myself of my power and my grace 

I see the beauty of my soul 

Being brave, and raising a beautiful bold courages daughter 

I celebrate how far i’ve come and how much more there is to grow

I embrace this moment 

As the only moment that is real 

Regardless of the bullshit, 

If we are co-parenting this week or not 

I still enjoy this 

I still love this 

I am learning how to do this better

Each and every day 

Showing up for her and for me 

Bigger, better, stronger 

With more knowledge of self 

Trusting the whisper of my soul 

Mothering. Alone. In the Hood. 

Single Motherhood.